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Why Hackers Target Small Businesses – Managed Services Lafayette, IN

Cyber security isn’t necessarily a top priority of most small businesses, especially start-ups. Many small businesses that do get hacked are typically very confused at why they were in the first place. Oftentimes, small businesses are optimal targets for hackers because of their weaker security. This, coupled with the increased reliance on cloud computing, makes them even more appealing for hackers. What hackers do with your sensitive information is beside the point; the fact of the matter is, people should invest in managed services in Lafayette, IN in order to protect their data – whether it is the company’s financial information or private employee information. 

If Hackers Are Committing Crimes, How Do They Get Away with It?

Most hackers use an anonymity

Though there is progress regarding laws protecting against cyber crimes, we still have a long way to go. Most hackers use an anonymity network known as Tor. This network conceals the identity of a computer’s IP address, the address that comes with every computer in order to keep track of it. Tor makes it nearly impossible to attribute an identity to a hacker, which allows many hackers to escape persecution.

Let’s say your small business gets hacked and the perpetrators went after your company’s banking information (not your personal banking information, but your commercial banking account, which would be the company’s bank account). You would find yourself to be at yet another disadvantage. When it comes to the protection of a commercial bank account compared to a personal bank account, personal bank accounts are favored. Often times a bank will work harder to protect the individual but not the corporation. This means that reimbursement will not be paid in full, especially if a bank can prove that their security met federal mandates and yours did not.

The Solution to the Problem

Leverage Managed Services for your Lafayette, IN business

The solution to hackers is to invest in security systems that can prevent hackers from ever getting close to your business’s private information. This may sound expensive and time consuming, but we assure you that it is not. Companies who specialize in managed services can be found everywhere – including the back yard of Lafayette Indiana.

The staff at IronCloud Technologies is dedicated to protecting your business, large or small, from cyber threats with our managed services in Lafayette, IN. We focus on two things, a solid network security firewall to keep hackers out as well as data backup security. Both are important and work hand in hand. If a hacker was somehow able to get past the firewall and trigger a catastrophic event, all of your data would be backed up and protected.

Think of cyber security as a lock on a door. Would you want a lock that can be picked with a standard bobby pen, or a lock that has fail safes and a personal guard that is working around the clock to protect your property? Invest in IronCloud’s powerful, protective managed services in Lafayette. Your files will thank you.

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